Twitter Efficiency Metric: Total Retweets /# of Followers

Twitter Efficiency Metric: Total Retweets /# of Followers

How is it Calculated?

For a given period of time, it’s simply your total retweets (given by Klout, see yesterday’s post) divided by your total number of followers.

Business Goal

This metric points to is how much you are thought of as a thought leader from your follower base. Becoming a thought leader has benefits for virtually any business because it has the effect of gaining the trust of your customers. As this number increases, it shows that you are increasing in thought leadership, as more and more of your followers are retweeting (you can think of it as syndicating) your thoughts, and recognize them as useful or authoritative.

How do you increase it?

Two ways – One, target your audience better. If the people following you are really interested in your business, then it’s easier for them to pay attention to what you say. Two, work at refining your message and the delivery of message. How you say something, and the medium you use, can have a big effect. Do your followers respond better to videos, podcasts, whitepapers, case studies, blog posts, or photos? Do some experimentation to find out what works best for your audience, and link to those things from Twitter.