Twitter Metrics

Twitter Metrics

Part 2.2 of 7

Last post discussed some potential Twitter metrics. This post seeks to tie your twitter ratios into blog success. Answer the following questions with the following metrics:

How often do I post on Twitter? (substitute blogs for tweets for blogging)
o Measures whether or not you are worth following, subscribing to, or listening to
o # Tweets / # Months (or weeks) Tweeting (Thanks Avinash!)

How strong are my calls-to-action in my Tweets?
o # of @ Replies / Total Tweets (or total tweets with a call to action)

How much of the information I share is being absorbed?
o This metric is a little tricky. The average human reads about 200 words a minute, studies show. Assuming it is a link to your own site, compute the following ratios:
Absorption Ratio (minutes to read) = # Words in blog post (or whatever) / 250
Use the clickthrough ratio in conjunction with this metric as well as your analytics stats to see what the average time spent on your site is. This will help you understand how much information you share is actually being absorbed.

Is my audience growing?
o Trended stats of Twitter followers, blog readership, blog subscribers.

What brings people to my site?
o Use the traffic report to analyze keywords bringing in traffic from Twitter in Google Analytics

How can I tie my information into trendy topics?
o Use Google Trends
o Since a lot of people search for trendy topics, like Paris Hilton, you have the opportunity to potentially grab more followers by tying into a trendy topic that gets a lot of searches

That wraps this subset up of our overall series on Twitter and Marketing Analytics. In the next post, we will discuss which tools can be used and combined to track the above Twitter metrics. What metrics would you add or change? Let us know. We want this to be a discussion.

*Note: I’m travelling on business this week, so it’s a little harder to pull together the graphics, so bear with me. I’ll have Part 3 up of this series later this week.