Join a Team of Passionate Data People

Do great work and make a difference. We’ll teach you the skills you need to know to do impactful, client-level work.

Higher Education

On the Job Training

When you join the Data Crunch University, you will go through intensive training to learn how to work with clients and generate world-class analytics that make an impact.

A mentor will work with you through our in house curriculum, targeted towards making you an effective data professional in today’s workforce.

You will work on actual client projects, seeing first hand how the business side of analytics works, what resonates with people, and how your work is having an impact.

We have very high standards for our client work, so the application process is rigorous and space is limited. But if you have a passion for data and helping people, we’d love to have you join the program.

You will receive pay commensurate with the skill level you are achieving. For those that progress quickly and can be trusted with client work without a lot of oversight, the pay grade will be high.

  • Curriculum and materials provided
  • Mentorship
  • Real world client work
  • Remote training and work
  • Get paid

Our Standards for Client Work are VERY High

Our clients expect world-class work from us. That’s why we hire and train the best in the business. 

We cannot accept every application for the Data Crunch University. Because of our high standards for client work, the application process is difficult and rigorous.

This is not an easy program to get into. But if you are passionate and driven, and willing to put in the effort, we will teach you how to be a best-in-class data professional, and you will get real world client work on your resume.

And hopefully, you’ll want to stay with us after the process as a graduate employee and continue doing impactful work at industry rates.

Program Requirements

Technical Skills

The technical skills we teach are database structure and design, data visualization and analysis in Tableau, and basic machine learning with Python and other open source tools. We require that you have at least a basic understanding of two out of three of these concepts.

Business Skills

You should be a good communicator and have a basic understanding of business principles. We teach a practical approach to data analytics that focuses on applied analytics and delivering value to clients.

Demonstrated Project Skills

We require the completion of a project to demonstrate your technical, business, and design skills.

At Least 20 Hours per Week

We require at least 20 hours per week to dedicate to the program.

Application Process

1. Complete a Project to Demonstrate Your Skills

You can complete one of two projects, depending on the track you are most interested in.

Option 1: Participate in a data visualization project for Make Over Monday.

Option 2: Participate in a machine learning Kaggle competition.

2. Professional Experience Documents

Prepare the following three documents:

Document 1: A written page about your professional experience and what your goals are. Tell us what you have done in analytics, and what you’ve learned from your experiences. Please describe in your own words what part of analytics is most exciting to you, and what kind of work you excel most at. Tell us about your goals and what you would like to accomplish professionally. Should be longer than a paragraph but not longer than a page.

Document 2: Well formatted resume showing your previous work experience.

Document 3: Any portfolio pieces you have that you can share with us. This could be links to work you have done online, or attachments that showcase your work.

3. Submit Project and Documents

Please send links to your project work from part 1 and attach or send links for your professional documents to

4. Interview

We will review the documents and projects that you send to us, and get back to you. If it is a good fit then we will schedule an interview with you to discuss your work and experience. Otherwise, we will let you know of some places we see for improvement, and if would like to apply again, please complete another project and resubmit it for our review.