Why a Career in Marketing Analytics is Remarkable and How to Get There (Post 1)

Why a Career in Marketing Analytics is Remarkable and How to Get There (Post 1)

If you are reading this, you probably already know why the field of analytics is so great. But let’s take a quick moment to dwell on why this career choice may just be the peak of the mountain. Here are a few of my reasons:
You get to help people in ways no one else can help them
You are vital to the success of whatever organization you work for
You get to answer very interesting questions, often in clever ways
You get to learn about everything
You will never be without love, respect, or a good job (Unless you’re a jerk. So don’t be)

If you don’t believe me, have a look at this data from Forbes. Writing in 2013, they saw a jump in marketing analytics hires of 67%. And it’s just going to keep going up.

Sound awesome? It is.
This is the first in a series of brief posts that will give you a framework to start your career in analytics. Let’s get to it.

The Five Channels

You can get into the field of analytics. Anyone can. It takes time and effort, of course. A position in a field this awesome doesn’t just fall from the sky into your backyard.
But if you’re ready to put in the work, let’s go over some guideposts to help you get there as quickly and successfully as possible. We call them the Five Channels, because, well, there are five of them. And they’re important. We’ll discuss each of these in depth later. They are:
Your Resume
Your LinkedIn Profile
Your Blog (Yes, you need one of these. But don’t be afraid, it’s not that hard.)
The Interview
The Little Something Extra

The Three Skills

Before we jump into the details of the Five Channels, it’s important to also mention the Three Skills.
These are the core. The center. The essence of an analytical professional’s being.
They are what makes you brilliant at what you do.
They are the following:
Technical Skill
Business Vision
Vibrant, Emotional, and Confident Communication
We’ll begin a discussion of them in tomorrow’s post.